Etrian Mystery Dungeon 3ds Review

If you like dungeons like I do, you will definitely like Etrian Mystery Dungeon, newest title for Nintendo 3ds, game that is easily obtainable via,  that brings plenty of dungeon crawling, dark caves, sharp swords and of course, magic. At the same time the game isn’t perfect, there are certain shortcomings that may turn away casual players. RPG veterans will find enough reasons to stick with the game trying to solve the mystery of Etrian dungeon.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon may be hard game if you don’t know what you’re doing, but let this be honest when you enter the dungeon there are no rules, and only the fittest survives. Etrian Mystery Dungeon is just that kind of game that will force you to think twice before you make next move, because penalties for losing the battle can be devastating in this game. At the same time if you invest a lot of time and patience to grab the mechanics of the game you will be rewarded with deep gameplay where every moves counts. You will discover unique loot along the way and start to discover each area with different feeling, where the sense of advancing in the game gives wonderful feeling of satisfaction. The game is shining in customization options, you will have complete freedom and control of your character.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon is filled with many quests and different locations that you will need to find or solve but advancing in your main quest. There are, indeed, many dungeons to be explored within a game and you will start your adventure from small base named Aslarga, a cute little town which usually RPG structures like shop, armory and other judicial locations. From your base you are entering into the maze of dungeons searching for monsters and loot. Each dungeon is different, they are completely random with unique monsters and unique loot. At the end of a dungeon, as you may expect, you will fight the final Boss and if you succeed you will receive precious loot. When you conquer the dungeon new one is becoming available.

A word of advice, boss fights in this game are not naïve in any sense, you will need to demonstrate high level of tactical skills to defeat them. Each step you take is strategic decision that have impact on your readiness to pass dungeon, so you must be very careful to always have nevest equipment and a lot of potions in your backpack. It’s crucial to bring along medics, gunmen, and other members of your guild to make dungeon crawling bearable. Composition of your party is the most important aspect of the game, skills, synergy and highest possible equipment are essence of success in this game. Each level will grant you with new skill point and you will be able to unlock new skills.

Each of the classes possess specific skills and every skill can be improved with additional points. You will have enough time and space to experiment with different builds and approaches until you compose perfect party.Etrian Mystery Dungeon is everything that serious RPG fan can imagine, endless dungeons and tough battles. Casual players, from other side, will probably look for some other, more relaxed 3ds game.

Splash Mortar Guide

Mortar Tower is one of the best Towers in Clash of Clans; it is nightmare for Archers and Barbarians because it is able to annihilate large groups of such units. If you want to be a successful in Clash of Clans, proper placement of Mortars is very important. We will cover such strategies in details.

Mortar is a deadly Tower and basically it is first Tower in Clash of Clans that deals splash damage. At early stages of the game it is most efficient way of destroying Barbarians and Archers in several hits, and on later levels it can be extremely effective if they are upgraded to maximum level.To quickly upgrade your Mortars you may use clash of clans hack to build efficient defence. The greatest advantage of the Mortar is ability to hit multiple targets in one hit. Mortars are also very good at defending other Towers, like Archer or Wizard Towers. You should take care that Mortar Towers has low splash range of 1.5 yards and low damage, so combining Mortar with other Towers is ideal combination. A mortar has speed of 1 attack per 5 seconds with range of 11 yards and it can target only ground units. The Mortar cannot hit air units, and as a effect it is extremely weak against enemy air units. To gain synergy and protection group it with Archer Towers to prevent air assaults.

The Mortar’s low damage means that high health units will be able to easily heal any damage dealt by the Mortar .In raids, Mortars will deal the most damage of all Towers due to large amount of splash damage. Using Mortars successfully requires a little bit of strategy and proper Tower placement. Mortar cannot hit any units that are 3 yards away and this means that melee units like Barbarians cannot be hit by the Mortar when they get within range of the Mortar. The solution to this problem is to place the Mortar deeper into the base, so good placement of the Mortar is vital to using it successfully.

Remember that Mortars cannot be placed directly next to one another because If you place Mortars next to one another, both can be taken out by the same Lightning Spell. Separate them with Wall. Upgrading your Mortar towers should be your highest priority, it is essential to keeping your defense effective. The best practice is to only upgrade one Mortar at a time, otherwise the base would become tremendously vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Clash of Clans Game Tricks

Clash of Clans is a hot, great, ultimate, superb gaming app developed by Supercell that combines elements of strategy end role-play games into the world wide madness known as Clash of Clans! We prepared several tricks that will help you to survive Clash of Clans perils!

Clash of Clan is full of exciting features as it combines the concepts of arcade, role-play and strategy strategy. It offers attractive effects with great graphics! It is perfect game for spending some free time. In a Clash of the clan, the basic Game play is very simple and you will need to build awesome kingdom by using available resources. For construction of your base you will need different resources easily obtainable via Clash of Clans Astuce en-ligne. Gold is a precious resource in a game that you can get from gold mines.

With the help of gold, you can buy a new defense structure, army troops, or elixir collector. Elixir is really precious resource which is obtained from elixir collector and it is stored in elixir collectors. With elixir you can buy valuable things like advanced defense structures, army buildings, weapons or gold. Dark elixir is even more valuable resource and can be stored in the dark elixir collector. With dark elixir, you can buy dark barracks, advanced army troops and upgrade your heroes. Gems are the most precious resources in the game which can be obtained by purchase or .They are used to buy gold mines, elixir collector, army or to upgrade your heroes.

You will need to defend your base and attack opponents in order to save your resources and get loot from others. Moves of games are based on touch, tap and slide but you can also use accelerometer to simplify the game. Resources’ are the most important values in the game like gold, elixir, dark elixir and gems. The gems are extremely valuable and can be obtained rarely or can be obtain via in game shop. Resources are stored in storage sections and this makes the game even more interesting for players as they should think strategically.

There are two very important aspects of the game – defense and attack phase. Different defensive structures like mortars, cannons or wizards towers are some of the common defense structures that you will use within a game. You will need to think logically and very carefully about your every move in the game. The defense system in a game is designed by keeping the strategy involved in mind. Therefore sharp your strategic skills and rush to the battle!

Ideal raiding in Clash of Clans

Raiding is in fact a form of farming because you will focus mainly on gaining resources more than gaining trophies. We are presenting you a combined farming raiding guide that will suit you well in collecting enough resources.
The main goal of Raiding is to capture as much resources as possible. Usually gold is more valuable to players as it is much easier to spend gold on instant wall upgrades or on defenses.

The ideal raid use only few troops that targets only specific resources that are easy to take and make nice gains. First factor that is important is amount of resources hat you can take. Another factor is your investments. That means that you will need to calculate cost of your units. Before you start your attack you should carefully pick up the right base to raid and there are certain things that you will need to take into consideration. The first thing you should examine is the total number of resources. If this number is low, simply go to next battle or use clash of clans hack app. It is not just a total sum of resources that are important, you must take in consideration how difficult will be to obtain them. If there is enough resources in a base you should see if they are in storage. Finally, when you collected all relevant information you need to make final decision, would you attack all not.

You should calculate risk and reward ratio and decide your further actions. If you decide that you should attack next thing to consider is Army deployment. They are several strategies for successful farming. First one is based on two Giants, four wall breakers, barbarians, goblins and archers. Use your archers to take down exposed buildings, barbarians to take turret fire and goblins to steal resources. Another variation of this strategy is to increase the number of Giants in your Army. It is slower and more expensive strategy, but you will be able to attack stronger basis and get larger amount of resources.

Third variation of strategy is to use four wall breakers, one healer, Giants, archers, barbarians and goblins. Do not deploy your Giants and healer immediately, wait for the right time to deploy them. Very interesting farming strategy is deploying 10 wall breakers and goblins for the rest of the Army. You should look for high resources and just deploy your goblins. However, beware of upgraded Wizard Towers because they can annihilate your Goblins in several hits.In this short tutorial we presented several very effective raiding strategies within Clash of Clans. We are sure that if you apply them, you will collect more resources then ever before. Happy raiding!

Right strategy for your team

Do you want to know which strategy is right for your team? Then you are on right place, we are about to share some awesome FIFA 15 tips and tricks. FIFA 15 is known for being easy to pick up and play, but you will need a lot of practice to become really successful player.You may find these tips on scoring goals, choosing formations and converting penalties very helpful if you are new player. Keep reading to take your first steps into the attractive game.

Always try to put your best players in their predefined positions. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your team and play to their strengths. A big, strong striker probably won’t outrun the defense, but he’s very good at winning headers. Do not take risks with possession, but play patiently with short passes between the sideline and midfield. Be ready to grab opportunities when they appear, and pass quickly and efficiently. Also do not forget to use your substitutes. Your players will get tired though the game and their performance will begin to decline and chose right moment to substitute them with other players. If you are in lack of good players, free fifa points generator or some other solution may help you to build solid team.

Scoring on a penalty is relatively easy, but it takes a bit of finesse, while a free kick is somewhat more difficult to perform. Power up your shot to third power bar and when your player starts running to the ball, hold the left stick up. Your main focus on the field will depend on what position you assigned your players. If you placed an attacker you will get the most point for scoring goals. Midfielders are rewarded for good passes, and you should keep an eye on their accuracy. Defense players are successful in interceptions, so pay attention on it.

Good strategy is to not Fire shots from outside the box. It was easy to score from outside the box with power shots, but in FIFA 15 it is much harder to do. Better solution is to kick a ball to the wing or look for through ball opportunities. When you have the ball at midfield look for your attacker and pass ball to them. Do not try to carry the ball by yourself because sooner or later you will lose a ball. Kick a ball to the wing and try finesse shoot. if you find yourself in a position of having to stop a penalty as a goalkeeper the best strategy is to stay to the middle of the goal.

Clash of Clans – Tips to Get more Resources

  1. Save your gems

DiamondWhen you begin playing Clash off Clans, you start with 500 pearls. Before the end of the exercise, you wind up losing about 50 jewels by finishing structures in a split second as educated by the exercise. On the off chance that you rather spare your diamonds, you will have the capacity to include additional developers at a snappier rate. one of the best ways to get unlimited gems for clash of clans is to use clash of clans astuce tool, its free even.

While manufacturers 4 and 5 are far off, developer 3 is achievable moderately rapidly in the event that you spare your jewels. Additional manufacturers permit you to develop more structures immediately and therefore are extremely useful. With the new Clan War accomplishments and a trophy push, you can open the fourth manufacturer inside a couple of months of playing even without acquiring anything. The fifth manufacturer will oblige a significant Trophy push (to Champion’s League) or of a chance time to open a percentage of alternate accomplishments.

  1. Use shoddy units

One of the greatest slip-ups new players make is not considering the expense of the units they use to fight. While Giants are awesome, they additionally fetched a considerable measure more to use than Barbarians. At more elevated amounts, Dragons are extraordinary, however they cost a ton more to use than Giants. There is additionally the time element to consider. While Wizards are stronger than Archers, they cost more to make, as well as every Wizard obliges 8 minutes. Then, you could make 4 Archers in under two minutes (Wizards are a 4-supply unit).

Thus, when your essential objective is to set aside assets, you have to endeavor to utilize shabby units that are brisk to deliver. The best units make rely on upon your Town Hall level.

  1. Just utilize spells when fundamental

Much the same as units, spells are extremely lavish and take momentarily to deliver. While they can be extremely compelling, you have to verify that the fight you are battling warrants the utilization of such a spell. You ought to realize that the Rage Spell begins at 23,000 mixture and the Healing spell begins at 15,000 remedy; every time you utilize these spells, you have to make sure that utilizing the spell will permit you to win at any rate an extra 15k or 23k assets (spell depending).

  1. Gradually redesign your Town Hall

The Town Hall “plunder punishment” is a standout amongst the most imperative things to think about in Clash of Clans, yet it is not an openly promoted gimmick in the amusement. It is not by any means specified amid the exercise or anyplace in the amusement, yet it is to a great degree critical to how the diversion plays out.

This punishment decreases the measure of plunder you can get from adversaries if your Town Hall is a more elevated amount than your rival’s Town Hall. On the off chance that your Town Hall is one level higher than your enemy’s, you might have the capacity to take 90% of the ordinary sum accessible for plunder. On the off chance that your Town Hall is two levels higher, you might have the capacity to take half of the plunder. For three levels, just 25%, and for 4 levels or all the more, just 5% of the aggregate accessible plunder. The punishment is reflected in “Plunder Available” – you don’t need to do any counts all along.

Xbox One vs Xbox 360 – Detailed Review

The holidays are here already, and it’s all about getting loose, and having as much fun as possible. Since it could be cold outside, most of the people would spend time indoors. Video games are among the most preferred indoor fun options. Among the top video games are the Xbox series, and the war is always between the box One, and the Xbox 360. So which is best? Here is a comparison to show the difference between the two.

There are some speculation that the development of xbox 360 emulator and that you will be able to play xbox 360 games on pc . If so, then just save time and buy xbox one instead. If not here is the rundown of features and comparison:

xbox 360 vs xbox oneThe Design
The design is a major difference between the two and the Xbox One is bigger than the 360. One measures 33.3cm, by 27.4cm by 7.9cm. On the other hand, the 320 measures 27cm, by 26cm, by 7.5cm. That implies that the Xbox One is also heavier.

The Noise
The noise might not be such a major issue in these machines, but the box One is almost silent when you are running it. This could be because of the bigger size, which has enough fans, and free air movement.

Here, the 360 has a slower and less powerful processor. It has a processor of 3.2GHz, and it is a triple core. On the other hand, the Xbox One has an 8-core processor that runs AMD Jaguar Chip. One then has a RAM of 8GB, while 360 has a 512MB RAM. So apparently, the Xbox One is faster and more powerful than the Xbox One.

Extra Features/Support
The media skills of the Xbox One are several, and it supports many features. Some of them include Now TV, YouTube, Twitch, Muzu TV, 4oD, Netflix, Machinima, Crackle and You can also watch videos via the USB or any other external storage.

The Xbox One supports a 3.0 USB drive, and external support of over 250GB. That means that you can enjoy a whole lot of entertainment with the Xbox One. xbox games

With The Xbox One, you can also enjoy live TV, which is a feature that is not supported by the 360. With One, you can enjoy TV feeds from various services like Sky or Virgin Media. You can also integrate the content of your TV within the User Interfae of the Xbox One. You may also pause or rewind live T for up to 30 minutes, using the OneGuide on the Xbox.

The Xbox One is way over the top, but it tends to be more expensive, at around $500, whereas the Xbox 360 is cheaper, at about $265. If you need more experience with the game, then the Xbox One is the most ideal. But if you need a regular game time, that is cheap enough, the 360 would suit you.

Top 5 Games For Your Xbox 360

For all fans of virtual entertainment this year will be full of delicacy, because the expected appearance of sequels most popular games, and new titles that promise. Advances in hardware, there are new graphics capabilities, and games seem more real and incredibly good. We have selected those games that are most promising and we expect this year. For those who love action and good “shooter” and recommend titles Destiny Division, which in addition to excellent graphics, and guarantee a good time.

Call of Duty- Modern Warfare 2In the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will continue to events from multiple award-winning Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. You assume control of the members of the Special Unit 141 led by Captain John “Soap” MacTavish. In addition to the traditional single player campaign and thrilling multiplayer, players will have the third option in the main menu – Special Ops mode. Special Ops mode pre-sent a series of quick scenario in which players will have to make their way up to a certain point on the map. Mode also brings us some news like including the game easier customization, enhanced rewards, new weapons, new vehicles, advanced armor-I as well as new bonuses.

Far Cry 4 puts you in Kyrat, a fictional country located in the Himalayas. You are returning home, and as soon as you step foot on native country, you will be drawn into the fighting against mad despot who terrorize residents. One of theFar Cry 4 most interesting novelties will be the opportunity to ride an elephant while many elements are transferred from the previous game. This is a game set in the mountains of developers plan to play a maximum of enriching the third dimension, and expect not only to non-stop penetrate on the rocks. The list is quite long, a novelty is the crossbow which should replace of the bow of the third part. The developers promise a dynamic game.

Avatar is a game made by the eponymous film by James Cameron, and takes you into the heart of Pandora, an alien planet inhabited by the Na’vi. The Na’vi are indigenous people of Pandora, with which RDA – Resource Development Agency soon began fighting. RDA wants access to resources that are located on the ground Na’vi. You play the role of a Avatarmember of the RDA Corporation, but the action of the game does not follow the plot of the film. At the beginning of the game you can play with human and Na’vi avatar, and as you progress through the game you have to choose on which side you will fight. Depending on the selection, the way the game is changing drastically.

Mas Effect 3 – The story will take place on Earth is attacked by a race of terrifying machines have begun to destroy the human race. Shepard’s last mission will be saving the Earth.The development team is focused on creating the biggest and best game in the series, ensuring that it exceeds everyone’s expectations.

For the first time in the drafting of a new “Soccer” is one European team which worked together with Konami studio in Tokyo, which has so far worked on allPES editions of the popular football simulation,. Together, they try to make the game according to the taste of European audiences, returning to the original principles of the PES with the use of new technologies. They promise the best and most sensitive controls in a football simulation that will allow players complete control and unlimited ways to play.